Welcome Message

Welcome Message from President of the 12th Asian Dermatological Congress

Akimichi Morita, MD, PhD

President of the 12th Asian Dermatological Congress
Akimichi Morita, MD, PhD
Department of Geriatric and Environmental Dermatology, Nagoya City
University Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Welcome to the 12th Asian Dermatological Congress

On behalf of the Asian Dermatological Association and the Japanese Dermatological Association (JDA), we welcome you to the 12th Asian Dermatological Congress.

The 12th Asian Dermatological Congress (ADC) will be held under the auspices of the Asian Dermatological Association (ADA), with a focus on Asia. Previous ADA conferences were held in Seoul in 2008, HK in 2013, Mumbai in 2016, and Dubai in 2018, but never before in Japan, and thus 2022 will be the first time the ADC will be held in Japan. The ADA is an Asian dermatologic organization that has close ties to Japan, with Dr. Atsushi Kukita serving as the Chairman from 1986 to 1990, Dr. Yasumasa Ishibashi from 1993 to 1996, Dr. Takeji Nishikawa from 1999 to 2002, Dr. Kunihiko Tamaki from 2005 to 2008, and Dr. Yoshiki Miyachi from 2014 to 2017. Since 2015, I have been coordinating the management of the conference as a Council member and now the President of the 12th ADC.

The 12th ADC in Tokyo (Toranomon Hills Forum) will be held August 4-5, 2022, as a hybrid event (virtual via web + on-site participation) due to the spread of Covid19, and we are diligently preparing for the event.

The purpose of the ADA is to promote research and encourage the advancement of dermatology; to coordinate and associate the efforts of organizations, companies, associations, institutions, legal bodies, and other individuals interested in dermatology throughout the world, especially in Asian countries; and to promote, foster, develop, and support the acquisition, dissemination, and application of research, knowledge, and information on dermatology by dermatologists, health care professionals, and related professions in Asian countries.

To achieve the objectives of the Society, the ADC is being held to encourage and stimulate research and social interest in dermatology, and to provide social education.

In addition, the 40th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Aesthetic Dermatology will be held consecutively following the 12th ADC. For the 40th Japan Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology (August 6-7, 2022), we have prepared an Asian session (with simultaneous interpretation). We will be providing this additional conference at a lower rate, and hope that you will join us. Prominent doctors from Japan and other Asian countries have been invited to give talks related to cosmetic dermatology. The theme of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Aesthetic Dermatology is "Aiming for luminous beauty," based on the idea that skin beauty reflects skin health, and is an important factor that contributes to living a happy and healthy life, both physically and mentally, as we enter a society of people living up to and beyond 100 years of age. Of course, the title includes the word “luminous” as a nod to my specialty, photodermatology!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in August 2022 to the 12th Asian Dermatological Congress presented with both virtual and on-site participation.

Welcome Message from Chairman of Asian Dermatological Association (ADA)

Prof. Chrang-shi LIN

Prof. Chrang-shi LIN
Chairman, Asian Dermatological Association

Dear friends and fellow colleagues,
It is a great pleasure to extend my warm welcome to you to the 12th Asian Dermatological Congress (ADC).

ADC is one of the major academic congresses in the dermatological field and we have been holding the ADC every three or four years. The 12th Asian Dermatological Congress (ADC) will be held in Tokyo from 4-5 August 2022. It is the first time for the Congress to be hosted in Tokyo - one of the most glamorous and charming cities in the world.

The excellent program and networking at this Congress provide an opportunity for colleagues from different parts of the Asian regions to share their knowledge and renew friendships. We truly believe that ADC will be a highly rewarding congress to bring further enhancement of the scientific level and quality to our field. We hope that you will enjoy the Congress that your interaction with your colleagues will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and will be personally rewarding.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of the participants for their contributions which are the foundation and contribution to the grand success of this Congress. We hope that all of you will have a productive and fun-filled time at this Congress.

We look forward to meeting you in Tokyo, Japan 2022!
With my best personal regards,