Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Guideline

Only abstracts submitted through the online abstract submission system will be considered so all abstracts must be submitted through the online abstract submission system. (Click the "Abstract Submission" button of this page to submit.)

Submission Period

Thursday, January 20 to Thursday, March 10, 2022. (Japan standard time)
Thursday, March 24, 2022. (Japan standard time)
Thursday, March 31, 2022. (Japan standard time)

*Abstract Submission Deadline was extended.
*Online abstract submission is now closed.

  • The system will automatically close after the above date, therefore, corrections, registrations and deleting of the abstracts will not be allowed after the deadline.

Requirements for Presentation

Presentation style

You can select your presentation type either of "Oral and Digital Poster" or "Digital Poster Only".

Oral Presentation

The Local Organizing Committee will review the abstracts and decide their final presentation styles.
If your abstract accepted as "Oral and Digital poster" presentation, you could choose how to present orally depending on the circumstances, from at online or pre-recorded. You are kindly requested to present it orally on August 5 and display your digital poster.

  • If you choose category which is written "Hybrid", you could choose your presentation style including "on site presentation".
  • "pre-recorded" style has a Q&A time at online in the meeting day.

Encore abstract

ADC will accept the abstract with same title and contents published before in other meetings and articles (encore abstracts).
If you submit encore abstract, you have to write at the end of the abstract to the following points:

  • Please make it clear in your abstract that this is an encore submission.
  • Please specify name of the congress that you submitted it in the past.

Digital Poster Presentation

If your abstract is not accepted as an oral presentation, you can present it digital poster only.
Digital posters must be prepared in English.
Specifics on the digital poster and digital poster submission are scheduled to be updated on the website in the middle July.


Please choose 2 categories (first choice and second choice) from the following:

  1. Pigment disoeders(Hybrid)
  2. Atopic Dermatitis(Hybrid)
  3. Drug eruption(Online)
  4. Dermoscopy(Online)
  5. Contact Dermatitis(Online)
  6. Pathology(Online)
  7. Eruption and Diagnosis(Online)
  8. Acne(Hybrid)
  9. Cosmetic Dermatology 1(Hybrid)
  10. Bullous Dermatosis(Online)
  11. Vasculitis(Online)
  12. Collagen disease(Online)
  13. Non melanoma skin tumor(Online)
  14. Phototherapy(Online)
  1. Melanoma(Hybrid)
  2. Lymphoma(Hybrid)
  3. Ulticaria(Online)
  4. Foot care(Online)
  5. Bacterial infection(Online)
  6. Nevus(Online)
  7. Laser(Online)
  8. Wound healing(Hybrid)
  9. Cosmetic Dermatology 2(Hybrid)
  10. Fungal infection(Online)
  11. Virus infection(Online)
  12. Psoriasis(Online)
  13. Neutrophilic dermatosis(Online)
  14. Skin barrier function(Online)
  • If you choose "Hybrid" category, you could also presentation at on site (at Tokyo) in the meeting day.

Online Abstract Submission

Abstract title must be 90 letters or less, including spaces.
Abstract body must be 800 letters or less, including spaces.
Up to 10 co-authors, including authors, and up to 10 affiliations may be registered.

Abstract Publication

Your abstract will be published in the meeting program and abstract book at online.

Abstract Submission

Depending on the computer environment, there may be cases where the registrant is unable to register from the meeting web page. Please confirm your internet environment in advance.
Compatible browsers are Safari version 2.0.3 (417.9.2) or above, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Do not use other browsers.

Abstract Submission Procedures

Submission Periods

Thursday, January 20 to Thursday, March 10, 2022. (Japan standard time)
Thursday, March 24, 2022. (Japan standard time)
Thursday, March 31, 2022. (Japan standard time)

*Abstract Submission Deadline was extended.
*Online abstract submission is now closed.

Keep in mind the following points before submitting :

  • Registered data will be published on the abstract book. There will be no proofreading by the secretariat office. Please be extra careful not to mistype your abstract.
  • An e-mail will be generated automatically to inform the registrant that the abstract is registered. Please be extra careful not to mistype your e-mail address.
  • Change in abstract, including coauthor information, will not be accepted after the deadline. Please confirm thoroughly before submission.

The system will automatically close after the deadline.
Click "Abstract Submission" button when submitting your abstract for the first time.


For adding correction to registered abstracts, use the "Confirmation and Correction" button. Before the due date, confirmation and correction can be made repeatedly by inputting the registration number and password.
Please note that the secretariat office will not answer any questions related to the passwords for security purposes.

Notification of Accepted Abstracts

First authors will be informed of the decision of the evaluation at the e-mail address given for correspondence by late April, 2022. At that time, you will be given full details of your presentation.

Travel grants available

For JDA members


Except for JDA members

A limited number of travel grants will be awarded by the Local Organizing Committee for applicants, whose abstracts have been evaluated as outstanding. (If the nominee concidering participate by online, we will be awarded your registration fee.)
Authors wishing to be considered for a travel grant should complete the abstract submission and must be age of 40 or younger as of the day of the meeting.
The nominee must be first author (i.e. presenting author) of an abstract submitted, and should provide proof of date of birth (e.g. insurance card) by e-mail.

Deadline for submission of Travel grants

You are required to send a proof of the day of the birth ( card) by Thursday, March 10 March 24 March 31, 2022 (Japan Standard Time) to

*Travel grants application is now closed.

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